Reasons to love our Spice Kits

  • These spices are fresher and more flavorful.

    Most spices sit forever on retail shelves and then end up sitting in your spice cabinet after one use. Overtime, spice flavors lose their potency. Through our suppliers, these spices are delivered to you not long after harvest.

  • Unique flavors abound.

    Because each spice comes from a single-farm or co-op, we are able to offer you more unique spices.

Spice Kits
Edition No. 1

The Turkish Tabletop

A curious curation of three individually packed spices from Turkey—Cured Sumac, Black Urfa Chili, and Silk Chili (about 0.50 oz or 4 - 12 servings of each spice, depending on how liberally you spice your dishes). Each Spice Kit also includes our favorite recipes, inspiration and information on each spice, and 2 Sir Kensington's Classic Mayo Packets.

Cured Sumac, Black Urfa Chili, Silk Chili.

  • 1.5 oz total (0.5 ounces of each spice)